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Mitsubishi Outlander Range Extender - PHEV Box

  • $345.00

PHEVBox – range extender and ICE Stopper (for the Outlander PHEV 2013-early 2017)

 Enables Electric only mode to over 100 kph unless you kick down.

  • Allows more progressive throttle control for better coasting and paddle efficiency
  • Greater petrol economy
  • Extend your Electric range by 5-10% and make your petrol last longer 
  • Works by emulating the “hypermiling” technique used worldwide of “coasting” (use of N) and the technique as already available on the Mitsubishi Outlander B0 to B5 paddles – but automatically
  • Does modify the ECU or make the PHEV do anything you can't do manually and is a standard feature of the 2017 Outlander (but check your warranty)
  • Delivers a greater range out of your battery, especially useful if your EV battery is becoming older and the mileage is reducing
  • Uses the ECO mode and can be bypassed
  • Simple installation. Download Instructions.

These have been tested in NZ and on an airport run of mixed city/highway driving increased the EV range up to 58 km. 

Refer to evTuning for additional information and videos.

Two-year warrantyreturn-to-base.

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